Yard sale joy

The Pink Tutu Ladies' 2017 third annual yard sale was a success - raising over $700 for Maine Cancer Foundation. We always have a blast at this donation-only yard sale, selling our gently used items to others for 'whatever they think fighting cancer is worth'. We rock the 80's tunes, often wear some of the clothes for sale, and have been known to offer our own money for someone to take a rickety old lawnmower off our hands. This year, my giant irises were the hit of the day, and we even got a donation from one woman who dug up and took some irises with her!

This year, we had a special thank you after the sale was over. 

Earlier in the day, a man had filled a box of items for his daughters, but didn't have any money with him. He asked if we trusted him to take the box home & return with cash for us. Although skeptical he would return, we said yes. Obviously he needed the items more than we did since we were selling them in a yard sale, so even if he didn't return, it wouldn't be the end of the world.

But, he did come back. With a cash donation for the box he took home. We thanked him and he headed off.

Later, while we were inside counting our hard-earned cash, we saw him walking back up my driveway, with his 2 daughters. We all went outside, and the man told us his daughters wanted to thank us for the things their dad had picked up for them at the yard sale. So Sweet! And then, dad tells us his older daughter sings and plays guitar, and she went off to get a fabulous pink guitar out of their car.

She gave her dad the guitar, and they started playing "You Raise Me Up" and singing it to us in the middle of my driveway. It was AMAZING. We all know I'm a crier, but it turns out, the other women there that day are too... we were all in tears after the first few notes. It was just so beautiful and touching. The older daughter then played and sang "Hallelujah" and we all continued to cry.  

Dad then told us that he's been in America for 5 years, and his daughters just came here 2 years ago. They were apart for those long 3 years.  The girls didn't speak English until 2 years ago! and here they were singing 2 absolutely moving songs to us. 

The entire family had fantastic voices, and it truly was a one-of-a-kind way to thank us. Moments like this are the reason we continue to tutu - it's not just about raising money, but about being a part of this amazing community.